Frequently Asked Questions

Can I arrange my own funeral

This question can be interpreted in two ways. Firstly, in a literal sense whereby someone wants to make the arrangements for their own funeral. Whilst it is possible to leave instructions for your own funeral (for example whether you want to be  cremated or buried and where, if you want a religious or non religious service etc) there are certain things that you can not arrange yourself for example registering the death for obvious reasons and making the the application for a cremation or burial, these are all things that need to be done by your next of kin or executor following your death. Secondly, meaning can I arrange a funeral on behalf of a loved one, for the answer to this please see 'Who can arrange a funeral' below.

How do I arrange a funeral

Arranging a funeral yourself on behalf of a family member is not as difficult as most people imagine, indeed, there are some aspects of arranging a funeral which must be done by the next of kin or executor for example registering the death and certain aspects of dealing with the coroner. However, there are other aspects which would normally be carried out by a funeral director on your behalf that you would need to do yourself. For the most part you would need to collect, complete and return the paperwork to the appropriate authorities. You can learn more about this by clicking the 'find out more' link below.

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Is it legal to arrange a funeral myself

The simple answer is yes, it is legal to arrange a funeral yourself. There is no legal obligation to hold a funeral for a deceased person however, there is a legal obligation under the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1953 to "dispose of a body by means of burial, cremation or any other means”. However, in the UK there is no recognised alternative to burial or cremation. Therefore anybody can make the arrangements for the 'disposal of a deceased person' which, in the vast majority of cases, means arranging a funeral.

Who can arrange a funeral

Anybody can make the arrangements for a funeral and you don't have to employ the services of a funeral director to do so. However, there may be some aspects which are not particularly straight forward. At Family Arranged Funerals we are able to provide you with all the help & guidance that you'd need to arrange a funeral yourself.